Dr. Baker’s Canine System Saver

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Dr. Baker’s Canine System Saver

Dr. Baker’s Canine System Saver

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Dr. Baker’s Canine System Saver - The All-Natural Supplement

Help your dog get well, stay well and age well.

 System Saver was originally created by a veterinarian to help him restore health and soundness to animals suffering from chronic inflammatory and degenerative conditions. 

The same biological actions that have restored health and soundness to these animals, also provides a superior way to maintain joint health.



But System Saver does more! By inducing the regulatory systems that control excessive immune, inflammatory and degenerative activity, it helps maintain the normal healthy state. 

By supporting the prevention of these conditions and inhibiting joint damage, System Saver permits a better quality of life for the aging animal. You will find no other supplement that provides such a broad spectrum of benefits.

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System Saver’s successful applications have included:

Allergy • Arthritis • Autoimmune Disorders • Canine Hip Dysplasia • Chronic Dermatitis • Geriatric Support to Age Well • Joint & Health Maintenance • Respiratory Disorders 



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How It Works

System Saver's all natural formula activates intrinsic broad-spectrum metalloproteinase enzyme inhibitors.

By encouraging regulation of these tissue destructive enzymes, this formula controls damage done to cartilage and other tissue during athletics, traumatic injury, repetitive activity, and aging.

When tissue damage exceeds the ability to repair this damage, degenerative disease occurs. Regulation of excessive tissue destructive enzyme activity permits regenerative healing to prevail once again.

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Pepsi’s Story

After struggling throughout his first year of life with a skin condition that caused him to lose 90% of his fur, a young Akita named Pepsi was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. His case was so severe that even symptomatic relief methods weren’t working, and both dermatologists and alternative practitioners suggested he be euthanized.

Pepsi’s guardians, Dr. Don and Judy Gershon Baker, refused to give up on their beloved dog. As a veterinarian, Don was frustrated that there were no treatments for chronic incurable conditions that did not result in serious side effects. Determined to find an alternative solution, he made it his mission to create one.

The result was Dr. Baker’s Canine System Saver, a proprietary blend of Curcuma longa (Turmeric), Citrus reticulata, Boswellia serrata and Camelia sinensis. Within two to three weeks of using System Saver on Pepsi, the smell and overall look of his skin began to improve, and the light came back into his eyes.


Pepsi - Before & After

pepsi before pepsi after


Dr Baker's Canine System Saver

Don’t settle for another copycat joint supplement — get full spectrum health and joint support with system saver.

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No more itchy skin!

This is a story about my not so little Barney - the Bull Dog.
When he was around nine months old Barney started to have trouble with his skin. He would start to itch and rub his back along walls. He was itching so much he’d bleed.
So I got to the internet to see what I could find for my little baby and came across Dr Baker ‘s Canine System Saver. I talked to Judy Baker who couldn’t have been more helpful. So I decided to try it.
By the end of June his ears were infection free and clean. My vet couldn’t believe his skin improvement from our last visit five months ago. The nurse said Barney was the first Bull Dog she had seen without a skin problem and the vet agreed saying he has seen many Bull Dogs with skin problems.
All I can say is Dr. Baker’s Canine System Saver has helped Barney have a normal life running in fields and being itch and ear infection free.
Thanks Sam

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A chance at life again!

Teddy was diagnosed with inoperable arthritis in his elbow at about 8 months of age. He would limp following even moderate exercise and at two years had a bout of arthritis that left him unable to even walk a block. His vet recommended that he be placed on Rimadyl daily with increased dosages as needed when he limped. This necessitated regular blood tests to monitor the health of his liver.

Three years ago, we were given a free sample of System Saver by Dr. Schwabe with additional recommendation for adding fish oil to his diet and continuing the use of glucosamine/chrondroitan.

We are happy to report that since beginning this regimen we have not needed to use Rimadyl, we have cut his glucosamine/chrondroitan dosage in half, we continue with 2 capsules of System Saver daily and his fish oil and Teddy has not limped for those three years. He hikes on trails 4 - 5 miles daily, he swims up to 3 1/2 miles a day in the summer and is as playful and full of energy at five years of age as he was as a puppy. We are no longer having to test for his liver function and are delighted by the results we have seen.

It is safe to say, that without the System Saver, Teddy’s outcome would not have been as good and should the arthritis affect him in later years, our options would have been really limited because he would have already have been on the optimum prescription medication currently available for arthritic dogs. With System Saver, Teddy has been given the chance to have a healthy, active, fun-loving life.

Thanks so much!!!!!!!
Dick and Jinny Fox

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Just love the product, Thank you!

Meet Rose. She is about to turn 15 and loves life! I have Rose and all my other dogs on System Saver to boost their immune system and to help with skin, muscle, bones. Just an all-around super supplement.
I take the human version myself and sure do feel it when I run out! Can’t let that happen again. Main ingredient is the secret here. Just love the product, Thank you!
Theresa Mazzeo Richmond

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