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Boosting The Goodness in Your Pet's Diet ....

A healthy and diverse population of beneficial bacteria in your pet’s intestine can impact everything from nutrient absorption and digestion to metabolic & immune function.

Healthy pets need healthy guts!


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SuperNaturePet are the only range of super food treats & supplements to harness the power of MaxiCell – a unique and natural blend of gut strengthening, cell repairing and free radical fighting ingredients.

Whatever you feed your pet – dry, wet, raw or home made our Food Boosters & Treats add an appetising boost of natural nutrients to turn their food into a super, super food!

 SuperNaturePet Boost the goodness in your http www.supernaturepet.com  

The ONLY range of super food supplements & treats that help increase nutrient absorption…

Nutrients pass through the intestines and are absorbed into the body via intestinal villi. MaxiCell increases the surface area of the intestinal villi by around 20% so they can trap more nutrients as they pass through the body.

The gut lining is covered with finger like intestinal villi and this is where the absorption of nutrients takes place – the longer and stronger the surface area the more nutrients can be absorbed.

MaxiCell, the key ingredient in SuperNature, can increase the surface area of intestinal villi by around 20% so your pet can absorb around 20% more beneficial micronutrients.


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Product Ranges

A range of tasty products that make it easy for you to add MaxiCell® Cell Health Complex to your pet’s diet every day.


   Dogs       Puppies          Cats       Kittens

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Super Food Treats

Treat your dog to a little extra goodness with these grain free treats blended with MaxiCell® and infused with super foods.

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  S H O P  T R E A T S  

Product Group Treats

Super Food Shakers

For a higher concentration of MaxiCell® sprinkle organic chicken or line caught fish blended with super foods over any food.

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  F O O D  B O O S T E R S   

SuperNature Food Booster Group p


Problem Specific Shakers

For the MaxiCell® benefits of their super food shakers with added functional ingredients for mobility, digestion or anxiety.

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  P R O B L E M   S P E C I F I C   

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Organic Seaweed Sprinkles

MaxiCell® blended with one of the most micronutrient rich super foods, seaweed may also help to keep teeth clean and healthy.

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     S U P E R  S E A   

Apr2018 Super Seaweed Category


Super Raw Sprinkles

MaxiCell® blended with 8 Organic Super Foods and Organic Inulin to boost the variety of nutrients in raw foods.

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  S U P E R  R A W   

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Urban Pet

Organic food booster and air dried treats with CoEnzyme Q10 and a higher concentration of MaxiCell® for pets living an urban life.

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  U R B A N  P U P  

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I'd tried everything...

Your product "Super Cat" food booster has been a Godsend, not only is Fudge eating well but more amazing is that one of my boys in the attached photo, Rocco, seemed very interested in the smell of the tub and tried to lick it. I made him up a feed of just a simple pate that he has refused to eat many times, sprinkled it with Super Cat and he scoffed the lot!
Thanx to Super Cat he is now eating 2 wet feeds a day on top of his dry food. This is fantastic as I have tried everything suggested to me by both vets and other Ragdoll breeders...ie Ox liver, Sardines, Natures Best Raw, Purina C/D, Hills A/D....you name it, I've tried it and he's turned up his nose to it all.
So many thanx for a product that all my cats like ....especially Fudge and Rocco.


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