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Diet’ Dog UK - Supplements | Skin and Paw Care

supplements |  holistic skin and paw care

Help your dogs and cats glow with health from top to tail!

Diet’Dog’s products are recommended by holistic vet, Richard Allport,BVetMed, VetMFHom, MRCVS.

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Their supplements are 100% natural and are packed with all the essential nutrients and vitamins to help keep your pet in tip-top condition.

Each unique formula has been carefully prepared according to phyto-nutrition principles and pet nutrition requirements to help with your pet's everyday conditions, as well as more serious issues such as arthritis, allergy, poor digestion, damaged joints, immunity.


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Diet’Dog uses the gentlest processing method of freeze-drying at (minus) - 40° to prepare their tasty granules to preserve all the abundant vitamins, minerals and nutrients, enzymes of the ingredients.

d-dog superfoods and d-dog Superfoods beta can be complementary to a premade or homemade BARF (Bones and Raw Food) diet to fill in any nutritional shortfalls and maintain a healthy digestion.

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Supplements & Foods For Older Dogs - By Diet'Dog


Dogs and cats need a well-balanced diet to remain healthy and resistant to disease.

But even if you feed them the best food, some elements of complete nutrition might still be missing as all pets have different nutritional requirements.

Age, activity level, environment, genetics, breed and other factors determine your pet's special needs.


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All ingredients have been approved by Diet' Dog's consultant holistic vet, Richard Allport BVetMed, VetMFHom, MRCVS



Diet' Dog Skin Relief Spray

Diet' Dog Skin Relief Spray

Skin Relief   Skin Relief Spray is the perf..


D-Dog Superfoods Beta for Cats and Dogs

D-Dog Superfoods Beta for Cats and Dogs

D-Dog Superfoods Beta for Cats and Dogs   d-dog ..



• D-Dog Superfoods

• D-Dog Superfoods Beta

• Digestive Complex

• Fertility & Breeding

• First Aid Trauma Gel

• Flea & Tick Defence Spray/Drop

• Gestation & Growth

• Intestinal Parasite Control

• Itchy Skin

• Joints & Bones

• Muscle Building

• Shampoo

• Paw Balm

• Rehydration and Energy

• Senior & Mobility

• Skin Relief Spray

• Stamina & Performance

• Stress Relief


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For all-round health, take a look at their d-dog superfoods and d-dog superfoods beta supplements.

They contain the right pet nutrition and ingredients your pet needs to maintain and boost his/her overall health and wellbeing.  Diet’ Dog uses the best possible human grade ingredients that they can source.

Their ingredients are of the highest human grade quality. Using premium and ethically sourced ingredients, every product combines 100% natural ingredients to promote optimum health.


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