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PetproBio is a 100% natural pre-probiotic additive that enhances your pet's health and overall vitality. It can aid appetite, feed conversion, well being and the level of resistance in your animals.




"You are what you eat", which is why they only process pure, natural raw materials.  

Your pet's health depends on it's care and food.  

With PetproBio you can make a valuable contribution to the health, vitality and wellbeing of your pet.


When to use PetproBio

A daily dose can improve the underlying microbial ecology of your pet to one that is balanced and healthy producing optimal vitality of your pet by controlling the re-emergence of disease causing bacteria.

It is safe ti us on a day-to-day basis as a way of preventing health related issues and can be used as needed.




Suitable for:  

• All pets, including pregnant and lactating bitches, puppies and older animals

• During and after the use of antibiotics

• Whilst recovering from illness

• After worming

• During and after a stay in a boarding kennel or cattery

• Following travel

• Following surgery

• As a tonic for elderly animals

• Chronic ill health

• As a tonic to reduce stress due to new or busier surroundings

• As a tonic to aid with diarrhoea and bowel trouble

• As a tonic to aid with food intolerances and allergies

• As a tonic to aid with Colitis and inflammatory bowel disease

• Malabsorption syndrome

• Pancreatic disease

• Bloat prevention


Natural 286x300


100% Natural

Contains no corn, no wheat no gluten, no rice, no di-calcium phosphate, no wax preservatives, no artificial fillers and no animal-by-products.


All herbs are "Certified Organic" and GM Free




Directions for Use

PetproBio comes in 100ml & 250ml bottles and will last between 30-50 days depending on the size of your pet. For best results, add daily to your pet's food (either wet or dry).

Adjust the application by the size of your pet - click here for more details. The application may be doubled for animals that are very ill, severley stressed and/or receiving antibiotics.





When receiving antibiotics, it is strongly recommended to feed PetproBio at twice the usual rate as it can help prevent secondary infections and may them to recover quicker.



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PetproBio is actually ace

This is excellent, there are great reviews online and we have used it on our dogs (father and son) for a couple of years now. one is old and on medication and its firmed his stools and given him a new lease of life. we also use it to ensure our horses are healthy! I love it x

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