MP Letter - Pupaid - Let's Get Puppy Farming Banned!

We all know and support the amazing work that Marc Abraham does with his Pupaid campaign to eradicate the cruel commercial trade in kitten and puppies.

The campaign enjoys widespread support amongst celebrities and pet owners who are appalled at the horrific conditions in which these animals are kept prior to sale.


Marc Abraham

Pupaid needs your help to campaign for a change in the law to prohibit the sale of puppies and kittens by third parties. Pupaid does not want your money but it does want your support. The only way of effecting change is for pet owners to contact their Member of Parliament and tell them how opposed you are to puppy farming.

We have got together with Marc and produced a letter below which you can send to your MP. All you need to do is complete the blank areas with your MP’s name and your own name and address. You can either email or post the letter to your MP. If you are not sure about your MP’s contact details, visit this link for an up to date list

Thank you on behalf of all those animals currently being used as breeding machines by heartless puppy farmers.






Dear ____________________ MP,

As a loyal constituent I would be extremely grateful for your assistance in raising an issue with George Eustice MP, Minister for the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

It is widely acknowledged that puppies sold in pet shops are almost exclusively the product of cruel puppy farms. In addition, there is a substantial trade in puppy farmed dogs conducted by dealers via the internet and local newspaper advertising.

The widespread support of the ‘Pupaid’ campaign spearheaded by high profile veterinary surgeon Marc Abraham is testament to the public’s widespread opposition to this immoral trade.

It’s well known that conditions in which these puppies are bred are appalling. Many of the breeding establishments supplying the trade in England, Wales, and Ireland are operating with a licence too.

There is also substantial evidence of a lack of consistency by local authorities in monitoring and enforcing even basic health and welfare standards at UK breeders granted a licence.

Pet shops and traders are free to buy stock from anyone they wish, regardless of whether the supplier is subject to UK law, or operating illegally.

Dogs are not a retail commodity and puppies should only be purchased direct from a responsible breeder, or adopted from reputable rescue centre.

The current legislation governing the sale of animals in pet shops, the Pet Animals Act 1951, is now over 60 years old and desperately needs updating to take into account modern science-based evidence regarding canine medicine and dogs’ behavioural needs.

The welfare provisions these pre-internet laws make, which must be met by the conditions imposed by licensing authorities, simply do not reflect current best practice, nor do they cover the retail methods widely used in the 21st century.

The Animal Welfare Act 2006 made provision for the introduction of secondary legislation to address these specific issues. I would like to know when DEFRA intends to instruct officials to put in motion the process to replace current outdated legislation and whether it is DEFRA’s intention that the sale of puppies by third parties will at last be prohibited.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

[Your home address]