Stick Tight Fleas

Ask A Vet: Adrian Caunter MRCVS

Stick Tight Fleas

Syd came in last night with them loaded on his ears. Not sure where the nearest poultry are but picked them all off and the remainder at 4.00 am this morning in the middle of the storm. Ensured the bites were cleaned and treated with antiseptic. Will Advocate stop them biting again? He's just been re-dropped today.


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Dear Jo, Sounds like Syd has been enjoying himself, I think we would all be surprised if we knew what our pets got up to when we aren't watching!

There are many different types of flea in the UK although the most common is the cat flea. The rabbit stick tight flea in much more prevalent in the UK then the bird form and I suspect this is where Syd has got his from.

Treatment of the environment is not usually necessary as the fleas do not reproduce on cats, so topical treatment with an effective flea product is mostly all that is required. More success may be had with a product that is applied directly to the ears though so if they continue to be a problem I would talk to your vet about which product might be the most suitable.

I don't know if it is relevant here but if he got wet in the storm I would usually advise waiting a couple of days for all the skin oils to build back up again before applying the treatment. This is the same principle as if we ever give the animal a bath.

Adrian Caunter MRCVS