Why does my dog whine all of the time?

Ask A Vet: Adrian Caunter MRCVS

Why does my dog whine all of the time?

My dog constantly whines all the time - even when he's next to me.  Is this normal?


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Hi Glyn,  There could be all sorts of things going on here depending on his age, breed and medical history. Some breeds, like the Staffie, for example, can be more vocal and this may just be part of their normal behaviour.

In older dogs, senility can set in and lead to unusual behaviour like restlessness or whining and there are supplements or diets available now that can help with these problems and improve the signs.

If a behavioural or medical issue is to blame then obviously this would need addressing accordingly. In short, if he has always done it I wouldn't be too concerned if it is a recent change though I would get him looked at by your vet.

Adrian Caunter MRCVS