Chameleon has shed and now a lump


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Chameleon Has a Lump After Recent Shed

Hi, My chameleon has just shed, and now this little lump has come up. She seems well in herself - she is still eating and acting like her normal self. I just wondered if this is something that I should be worried about? Thanks 

Dear Melody, It looks like it could be an abscess, although it's difficult to tell from a picture. Abscesses in reptiles always need treatment so I recommend you take her to see a reptile vet who can assess it and decide upon the best treatment plan. 

Quite often reptiles appear to show no external signs of disease or stress but blood work will show severe indicators of stress and illness, once a reptile stops eating it can take a lot of time and work to get them eating again normally, and chameleons in particular fade very quickly when they stop eating.
So don't wait, get it sorted out this week while she is still strong enough to cope with the treatment.

Good luck.

Dr. Catherine Thomas BVM&S MRCVS CertAVP(ZooMed)

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