German Shepherd with an on and off limp - what could be the issue?

I have a 2 year German shepherd bitch about 15 months ago she started occasionally limping on her front right leg and sometimes it kind of gave way, it stopped but now a year on its started again but now a week on has stopped again???

I watched supervet last week they featured the same problem and it was due to marrow in the bone I think can you shed any light please, she has been spayed and since then( a year ago) her weight is between 23-26 kg she can go days without wanting to eat. My vet said as long as not below 23 kg it's ok, I can put steak down and won't get touched also tried raw diet with same results


Unfortunately, lameness in dogs is impossible to diagnose without an initial physical examination. Lameness in young dogs can be caused by many problems from muscular strains, ligament strains, bone disease such as panosteitis which the dog grows out of but can cause severe pain affecting the long bones.

Joints can also develop abnormally so conditions such as hip or elbow dysplasia should be considered. Therefore, I would recommend taking your dog to the vet to be examined. Dogs can be fussy eaters so it is important to avoid chopping and changing her diet. Again an examination with your vet will rule out medical or physical causes to an altered appetite.