Do steroids make a dog pant?

Q.  Do steroids make a dog pant on pain meds vet said not in pain or can they pant if they have neurological issues thanks x


A.  Steroids are a very useful medication that can be used to treat and manage many different types of diseases and chronic illnesses, such as allergies, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. They do have an unwanted side effect in that they can affect the kidney's ability to concentrate urine and result in a sign called polyuria or excessive urination.

Sometimes this side effect can be managed by reducing the dose of the steroids, but this must always be done under the direction of your veterinary surgeon as he/ she understands the reason your Yorkie is on steroids. It is worth bearing in mind that there may be other reasons why your Yorkie is producing more urine that are exacerbating the sign so he/she may need some further tests to find out why