Has Tigger got into a scrap with another cat?

Tiggers my kitty (15 yrs old) apparently got into a scrap with another cat. Except he has been limping on his right leg. Definitely saw swelling and have been nurturing him. Didn't want to take him in and I am going to see how today is. He did have a little left over pain medicine from a teeth pulling so I gave him a dab as I knew he was uncomfortable. What do you think?


It’s great that you are identifying Tigger may be in pain but with that swelling and your suspicions about the fight he definitely needs to see a vet - anti-inflammatories do not address infection and that’s the biggest risk if he’s been wounded in a fight as cats’ teeth carry some nasty bacteria (as you probably know from when he had his teeth removed). Be very careful that opened drugs have not exceeded both their expiry date on the bottle but also their intended use date once they’ve been opened.

Older cats are often more susceptible to the side effects of some anti-inflammatories so always best to check with your vet because even if they gave you the medications for a past problem, it doesn’t mean the dose or drug is appropriate this time round. Good luck and hope he’s on the mend again soon.

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