I have a nearly 4 year old cat - Barely uses the litter tray

I have a nearly 4 year old cat - Barely uses the litter tray

Does sometimes when I'm near by but mostly goes next to the trays. Not the problem I have though. We moved 2 years ago But now the past 2 months or so, he's using my lounge as s litter tray. I don't know what to do. I have cleaned with every thing possible. Got a new carpet! Tried the feliway spray and diffuser. Put things on top of the area. He goes to another corner. And now it's where my kids toys are. I'm at my wits end please help!


Oh dear, this must be a very frustrating situation for you and your cat as they are by nature very clean animals. Although it's unpleasant and "inappropriate” from where you're standing, it is actually a clue that something is wrong in your cat’s world. Whilst I'm not suggesting cats are consciously trying to communicate with us directly with their bowels and bladders, the behaviour you are seeing is a sign that there is likely to be a bigger problem such as stress or illness.

Has your kitty ever seen a vet about this issue? It's always worth a general check over and urine test as kidney disease, diabetes, urinary infections and bladder stones can present in this way especially as its been going on for a few months. Assuming you've already done this and that underlying disease has deemed less likely, then your cat is basically telling us that their needs are not being met and the issue may well continue until they are I'm afraid.

A big thumbs up for everything you've done so far including the Feliway but there's a lot more you could try still. Channel your efforts into understanding how he sees the world - with a bit of extra reading, some patience and understanding you will stand a much better chance of finding a solution - some simple things like knowing where not to place a litter tray (busy living room + kids = not a good location I'm afraid), the litter tray and cat litter types can all be areas to look at further. I can't stress enough how important cleaning up any last trace of the wee properly is! I have a dedicated page on my website all about this common and frustrating problem including some tips on litter trays and cleaning up cat wee. http://www.thecatvet.co.uk/house-soiling.html

Failing all of this, I would consult a specialist feline behaviourist such as Vicky Halls as there's no substitute for a home visit or teleconsultation from an expert. Good luck!

Best wishes

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