Topical Tapeworm Treatment For Cats


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Tapeworm Treatment For Cats

Is there a topical tapeworm treatment for cats? I have 7 rescues that all have signs of tapeworms. In my experience, its not easy giving a cat a pill. Help! Thanks!


Wow that's a lot of cats and a lot of potential tapeworms! I can only advise on UK-based products but you'll be relieved to know that yes, there are topical tapeworm treatments available for cats. There is a spot-on "allwormer" that includes tapeworm as well as the other common intestinal worms, there's also newer product that is effective against fleas, ticks and all the gut worms.

Both these products are available on prescription from your vet so your cats will need to have been seen recently. If this is not an option then your vet may be able to sell you a product over-the-counter that is a spot-on type product that just does tapeworms as there is one available.

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