Visiting Cat Has Fleas


Ask A Vet: Jo Lewis BSc BVMS (Hons) MRCVS 

Visiting Cat Has Fleas

We have a visiting cat who comes round for food cuddles and company, we believe (she) not sure if a girl has a home as she can visit up to 5 times a day. She eats more and more and comes in to dry off, I noticed she has fleas so can't let her in anymore she is half the size of our normal cat so can't use her drops on her but should we treat her or is it up to her owners? Would it be dangerous if she was treated twice?

I have put paper collars on and normal collars with messages on for the last 3yrs but they get ignored so not sure what to do ESP as she just wants to come in and get warmed up and dry off. In the summer sleeps under the garden table and def an outdoor cat but worried a homeless one and def not properly cared for?


Hi, Always a tricky one - if you or any neighbours know who her owners are then it is worth approaching them directly if her welfare is at stake. You never know, they may openly admit that they don't want her anymore, in which case you can ask if they'll sign her over to you (including any microchip paperwork). I agree that you shouldn't apply any additional flea treatments if you know she is owned - sometimes with large numbers of fleas it can take many months before you stop seeing any fleas.

That said, if she is thin and riddled with fleas then perhaps you can put another paper collar on saying you are concerned about her welfare and will be contacting the RSPCA unless you hear from the owners by 14 days' time and get reassurance that she is being cared for?
In the meantime - you should take her to your local vets and get her checked for a microchip and they should be able to advise you as to whether they think the RSPCA needs to be called sooner?

have compiled a section on Strays and Found cats on my website Once you have made the reasonable attempts to contact her owner (as suggested on my webpage) then you could look at taking her on yourself.

Best wishes

Jo Lewis BSc BVMS (Hons) MRCVS 

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