9 yr old Cavalier with Dandruff


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9 yr old Cavalier with Dandruff

My dog is a nine-year-old Cavalier. He has what looks like dandruff, he had pancreatitis two years ago, is there anything he can have for it?

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Lots of dogs suffer from scurfy skin and there's not always an obvious reason or cure for it and it is unlikely to be related to his pancreatitis. So the best approach is to make sure his diet is as good quality as possible with plenty of meat and fish and avoid common allergens such as wheat.

You could also supplement his diet with products that benefit skin health such as omega 3 and 6 oils from fish oils and other sources. Finally, you can also get anti-dandruff shampoos from the vet that help condition the skin and clear up dandruff as well.

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Joe Inglis MRCVS