Itchy Chihuahua


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Itchy Chihuahua

I have 5-year-old Chihuahua. His name is Percy. He has this skin condition that causes him to gnaw himself till its raw.

He's constantly digging and scratching. I've taken him to the vet and he got a steroid shot. It helped for about two weeks and then he was right back at it.

I've tried Benadryl, washing him in medicated shampoo, rubbing him down in lotion, and have even put medicated lotion on him. Nothing works. Suggestions, please?!


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Your dog may have a skin allergy and these can be challenging to manage. If a steroid injection helps, ask if your vet can prescribe him tablets instead, the dose of which can be controlled a bit more and tapered to the lowest effective dose which is safer for him as long term steroids will cause him to have side-effects. Has he had any tests done?

I would advise at the very least getting a skin scrape and hair pluck checked just in case there is a mite involved. Make sure you treat him for fleas –it sounds simple but a flea allergy on top of another skin condition can make the problem a whole lot worse. Diet plays a big part in management –not necessarily because of an allergy to anything in the food, but some diets are simply better than others.

Adding essential fatty acids in the form of evening primrose oil may help over time. Shampoos are a really good form of topical treatment. Virbac do a good range of veterinary ones that can help soothe and repair the skin.

Failing that if your own vet can’t help, then ask if they could refer you to a veterinary dermatologist who may have more experience of tricky cases.



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