Rottweiler with skin allergies


Ask A Vet: Louise Rayment-Dyble BVetMed CertZooMed MRCVS 

8-month-old Rottweiler with skin allergies


Atlas is a healthy 8-month-old Rottweiler. He has had his shots, waiting till he gets a little old before his neuter.

He does have environmental allergies. His vet has him on Benedryl twice a day. He's going to the vet when we get home in two weeks.

I'm wondering what it is? It's the only spot he has. He licked the hair off just that one spot. He won't leave it alone




Hi,   This may be part and parcel of his allergic skin condition, although, given his young age, it would be worth your vet taking some hair samples to rule out a mite which occasionally can cause a local patch of dermatitis.

If it is a discrete patch affected, and there are no mites involved, then a topical treatment might be suitable to ease the itching, provided you can prevent him from just licking it off. Sometimes loosely covering the area with a sock can be enough of a deterrent –it depends how determined he is!

You have to break that itch/scratch cycle though if it is going to stand any chance of getting better.   It also looks like he has licked over the wrist area –your vet will help establish that there is no other pain in this area which has caused him to lick there. They may prescribe some other anti-inflammatories to help. 

Best wishes 

Louise Rayment-Dyble BVetMed CertZooMed MRCVS 


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