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Will Supplements Help Ease The Pain Of Arthritis?

My daughter's 10yr old Golden Retriever has arthritis in his hind legs he's on meds from the vet. But with this cold damp weather, he's getting stiffer and miserable. I've read that a lot of people use Yumove and turmeric to help also oily fish. I would like your opinion on these supplements. And do they really work?  We would hope he has a few more years with us. We just want to make him in less pain and more mobile and happy again.
Any advice would be great.

Thank you.


Hi,   I think it is always worth trying supplements when you have an arthritic dog, although which one you choose is important and there is often not much scientific evidence to back up manufacturers’ claims. As far as I’m aware Yumove contains chondroitin and glucosamine which are commonly found in such supplements. I personally try and go for veterinary prescription ones –they are properly dosed for dogs and are in a form that is ‘biologically available’ to the dogs’ metabolism –cheaper ones often aren’t.

Some supplements –Synoquin is one- also have added essential fatty acids which are proven to help reduce joint inflammation. In a severe case of arthritis, supplements alone will not provide enough pain relief and they need a few weeks to build up in the system. If the prescribed anti-inflammatory is no longer working, there are often others available which may be more effective so talk to your vet.

Keeping the dog’s weight down and sensible exercise little and often will all help to manage the pain. I’m, afraid I have no personal experience of using turmeric, although I understand that it is known to have anti-inflammatory properties used in people.


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Louise Rayment-Dyble BVetMed CertZooMed MRCVS 

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