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Pregnant Cat - Babies have dropped - is this normal?

My cat is pregnant and her babies have all seemed to drop. You can see them when you look at her stomach Is this normal?  If so how long should it take for labour?


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Hi Amber, As with pregnant women, it is quite normal for the babies to drop down and back towards the birth canal before labour.

The gestation period or length of pregnancy is about 2 months (60 days) - it can be a bit more or a bit less. If your cat is a bit 'clingy' it may be a sign that she will soon have her babies so you need to make sure she has a safe, warm place to give birth.

Most cats give birth quite easily without much help from us and often they have their kittens overnight so unless your cat shows signs of distress she should be fine.

SIgns to look out for if she is in difficulty would be bleeding or smelly discharge from her back end, being very restless and straining a lot.

I am sure she will be fine, but if you have concerns a the time, your local vet practice should be able to help


Best wishes

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