My Dog Has Been Diagnosed With CDRM

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My Dog Has Been Diagnosed With CDRM

My dog has just been diagnosed with CDRM, she's ten years old and the back legs are getting worse. Is there anything I can do to make it easier for her?

I have made steps and floors comfortable for her, soft bedding, etc, is she in pain and when is the right time to let her go? She is a happy dog.


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Hi Sara, I sympathise with you. This condition is a frustrating debilitating one for all family members. There is no specific treatment available, that helps the symptoms as it is a chronic condition that causes a gradual deterioration of the nerve cells due to the loss of their outside fat layer.

The good news is that there are mobility aids available now that can help, such as harnesses with handles to aid support, some also have elastic that attaches to the hind feet and uses the momentum of the opposite leg going down to help lift the other leg, boots and dressings can help to stop the abrasions that often develop in the toes as the feet drag and scuff on the floor. In advanced cases there are carts, but they are not useful in every case. Companies like Orthopets have a good range of useful products.

As far as deciding when to make that final decision, it is a very personal thing and your vet should be able to help you. Dogs want to please us and will often put a brave face on things, but if she is really struggling to get about, showing 'bed sores' and signs of incontinence that can't be managed then you will know when the time is right.

Best wishes

Louise Rayment-Dyble BVetMed CertZooMed MRCVS 

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