My dog snores - is this normal?

Is it Normal For A Dog To Snore?

I have an 8 yrs old Shi-poo....not overweight...she is given healthy foods...problem...she snores louder than my husband!

What could cause the snoring? She didn't snore before...only started a few years ago.

Any thoughts?  


Hi,  I presume your dog has some Shitzu in him and therefore has quite a short, flat muzzle. Snoring in an otherwise well dog, with no other signs of upper airway disease, is often just caused by their conformation. Often these dogs have narrowed nostrils, a longer soft-palate that flaps about at the back of their throat when they’re relaxed and asleep, and a narrower trachea. If she can run around normally without getting breathless, then this may be no more than a bit of a noisy nuisance.

Occasionally the problem will begin to affect her when she is awake, in which case a vet may need to take a closer look with her under an anesthetic to rule out anything else like masses and polyps which can be a less common cause of snoring.

Occasionally some dogs will need some surgery to help correct the problem, but this is not often necessary. Keeping her nice and slim will also help 

Best wishes

Louise Rayment-Dyble BVetMed CertZooMed MRCVS 

All Creatures Healthcare