Fruit Shake

It might surprise you, but in the wild dogs would eat quite a lot of fruit. This comes from eating the remains of other animals who have themselves eaten fruit, and from picking up windfalls. It provides a great supply of energy in the form of readily available fruit sugars, as well as all the vitamins and anti-oxidants we associate with fruit.

So this recipe, which is stuffed full of the goodness of raw fruit, is one of the healthiest in the book and the addition of a bit of yoghurt also adds to its healthy qualities and makes it more palatable. 

Some dogs will lap this up on its own, but for the average, fast-food loving hound, you might need to pour it over his everyday dinner to get the goodness down him.


You will need:

• A banana

• An apple

• A few strawberries

• An orange

• 1 small pot of yoghurt (125ml)


apple and banana




1.  Put the peeled banana, apple and strawberries into a blender and whiz them up until they are well and truly pureed.

2. Pour into a bowl and add in the peeled and chopped up orange.

3. Finally, mix in the yoghurt and give it a good stir.


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