Liver and Banana Milk Shake


Now, this might sound pretty unpleasant to you, but puppies will go mad for this shake.

It’s full of the goodness of liver, and the fresh vitamins you can only get from fruit such as banana.

Either serve on its own or pour over his dried dog food – either way, he’ll lap it up.

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For enough for 2 or 3 puppy drinks, you’ll need:

· Small piece of liver (about 100g)

· 1 banana

· ½ pint milk



1. Place the liver in a large bowl and cover it with boiling water.

2. Leave it to cook for ten minutes and then drop it into a blender with the peeled banana and milk.

3. Blend everything together (remember to put the lid on the blender – a mistake I’ve made once…) and serve straight away.


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