Meaty Jelly

Don’t make the dog feel left out the next time you have a children’s party – make him his own jelly so he can join in the fun!

This recipe even manages to be quite healthy, as there’s none of the sugar you’d get with a normal jelly – just lots of tasty meat juices and chunks of steak!


You will need:

• Makes approx 1 pint of jelly

• 1 small piece of stewing steak (about 150g)

• 1 small carrot

• 1 stock cube

• 1 tablespoon gelatine





1.  Chop the steak and carrot up into small pieces and drop them into a pan of boiling water (at least 2 pints/ 1 litre).

2.  Add in the stock cube and simmer for about half an hour, and then remove the carrot and meat from the water and put them to one side.

3.  Pour about 100ml or ¼ pint of the broth into a mixing bowl and add in the gelatine, mix thoroughly and then top up to a pint (450ml) with the broth. Then allow the mixture to cool before pouring a little into the bottom of a suitable mould (cat-shaped perhaps?).

4.  Put the mould into the fridge and wait for it to start to set (this may take an hour or more).

5.  Then add in a few small pieces of the meat, and cover with another layer of jelly liquid. Repeat this, allowing the jelly to set as you go, until you have filled the mould(s) and used up all the meat.

6.  Put back in the fridge to set completely and serve with some Frozen Nutty Yoghurt.


The content of this article should not replace the advice given to you by your vet. If you are in any doubt, please refer back to your pets veterinary surgeon