Pooch Pizza


Ideal for a doggy birthday, this tasty pizza is healthy thanks to the layer of spinach which provided iron and vitamins, and the low-fat turkey mince on top.

The base is made from your dog’s normal dried food, so it’s got all the goodness he normally gets every day as well as the extra tasty topping.


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For one medium dog-sized pizza, you’ll need:

· 100g dried dog food

· 75g plain flour

· 30g butter or margarine

· 100g spinach, finely chopped

· 100g turkey mince

· 50g grated cheddar cheese


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1. Firstly, you need to grind up the dried biscuits into a fine powder using a blender. Then moisten the kibble powder with enough warm water to make it into a really moist and gooey mess. Leave it to stand for ten minutes, and add more water if you need to, as the kibble absorbs a lot of water.

2. Next, add in the flour and slightly melted butter, and mix it all together to form a thick dough. It should form up into a nice dry ball which you can roll out on a floured surface until it’s about ¼ inch thick.

3.  For the topping, you need to fry up the turkey mince for five minutes or so and then mix it together with the finely chopped spinach. Cover the base with this mixture and finally, sprinkle on the grated cheese.

4. Cook in a moderate oven for 20-25 minutes – until the top is golden brown. Allow to cool thoroughly and then slice into wedges before serving. 


The content of this article should not replace the advice given to you by your vet. If you are in any doubt, please refer back to your pets veterinary surgeon