Turkey and Trimmings Christmas Balls


This is a really quick and easy recipe for a cracking Christmas dinner for your dog, which is really tasty but also much more healthy than feeding scraps from your Christmas dinner.

It only takes about 20 minutes to prepare, and about half an hour in the oven alongside your turkey.


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You will need:

· 250g turkey mince

· A couple of medium potatoes (around 350g)

· 1 good sized carrot (around 200g)

· A handful of sprouts (about 250g)

· ½ teaspoon of Marmite (or similar yeast extract)

· 1 teaspoon cranberry sauce

· Gravy from your Christmas dinner



1. Firstly, boil the potatoes and sprouts for 10-15 minutes until well-cooked. Then drain them and set about them with a masher until they form a rough and sticky mash.

2. Meanwhile, heat up a frying pan and gently brown the mince. You don’t need any oil as there is plenty of fat in the meat. Once the mince is cooked through, mix it into the mash, add in the cranberry sauce (great for urinary health), and finally, just to add a healthy dose of B vitamins and a bit of extra meatiness to the flavour, stir in the Marmite (don’t worry, dogs aren’t like humans – they all love yeast extract!)

3. While the mixture is cooling down, grease a baking tray - and then it’s time to get your hands dirty! Form the sticky mix into walnut-sized balls and smooth them off, before placing them on the baking tray.

4. Pop the tray into a moderate oven for half an hour or so – until the balls are nicely crisp and brown – and then take them out and let them stand for at least twenty minutes to cool down. Then arrange them in the dog’s bowl, pour over a little gravy and serve.



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