Sarah From Ruffle Snuffle

Sarah is an animal behaviourist who specialises in canine and equine behaviour using positive reinforcement methods.

She writes regularly for magazines and blogs including celebrity trainer Victoria Stilwell.


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Sarah founded her award winning business Ruffle Snuffle after deciding to focus on designing and producing her own range of environmental enrichment toys to support her training methods.

Her best selling product is the Ruffle Snuffle mat which is designed to provide physical and mental stimulation and can be used as a standalone enrichment toy or as part of a training session.

ruffle snuffle mat

Her Stable Pop Horse Ball provides a tough fun toy that can be filled with hay and treats for any animal that is on box rest, or stables during the winter months.

Sarah’s company was hand picked by Dragon’s Den multimillionaire Theo Paphitis for his SBS Award.

Sarah lives in Norfolk with her family and her menagerie including her beloved Frenchie, Dolly. She is an active supporter of the Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue.


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