DVD: Learn How to Massage Your Puppy  


You will be taught how to handle your puppy confidently which in-turn means that your puppy will be happy to be handled, this is an essential life-skill especially when visiting the vets, grooming salon or with a therapist later in life.


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Learning in the comfort of your own home means that you can take your time, this creates the ideal relaxing environment for you and your puppy.



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The benefits of massage are well known, this DVD will:


• Teach how to create a relaxing environment at home


• Show excellent relaxing massage techniques


• Increase circulation, which helps more valuable nutrition which is carried in the blood, get to all the areas its needed for a growing or healing body


• Get the puppy used to being handled all over its body which reduces stress during a veterinary examination so the vet will be highly impressed


• Increase a trusting and loving bond


• Help move any toxins after exercise


• Encourages the release of hormones that make you feel happy







Review from the President of the British Veterinary Nursing Association

"Donna explains each technique very clearly and shows how spending time with your puppy performing massage can be both therapeutic to dog and owner alike, these techniques will greatly improve the overall well being of your puppy" - Samantha Morgan


Review from Beverly Cuddy, Editor of Dogs Today Magazine: 

“Every dog wants their owner to watch this!” 
“If only every puppy could grow up loving a human's touch. Donna teaches you how to get even closer to your best friend than ever before."



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*This is an educational DVD for owners and does not give any qualification in this field.

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Learn to Massage Your Puppy At Home DVD

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