Summer Food

Summer BBQ

Summer BBQ

Eating freshly cooked meat straight off the BBQ is one of the great pleasures of the summer – but if you’re not careful, it can cause a lot of trouble for dogs.

I’ve seen quite a few dogs in the surgery which have wolfed down BBQ leftovers and have ended up having major surgery to remove bone from their stomachs. So, not wanting to spend my summer evenings removing bones from dogs, I came up with a few ideas for dog-safe BBQ items.

Cook these up especially for the dog, and you’ll have a happy hound 



  It might surprise you, but in the wild dogs would eat quite a lot of fruit. This comes from eating the remains of other animals who have…
  Perfect as a summer treat!  Tip out in the garden on a warm day also provides added stimulation for an active dog.  
  Now, this might sound pretty unpleasant to you, but puppies will go mad for this shake. It’s full of the goodness of liver, and the fresh vitamins…