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In 2010 we launched the UK's first independent veterinary review & ratings website 'The Good Vet Guide'.

We had the idea for a vet review site after a visit to a dedicated Out Of Hours emergency vet. We hadn't used this type of service before, so we didn't know what to expect.

We certainly didn't expect to be charged £600+ the moment we walked through the door. But, as Ted, our 3-year-old Great Dane was showing symptoms of bloat we didn't have a choice.

We were told he needed an x-ray and a blood test, so we signed the paperwork and handed him into their care.

Unfortunately, despite the abnormal blood results, they didn't take him for an x-ray as agreed during the initial consultation, instead, he was placed in a kennel and received IV fluids until his spleen ruptured 7 hours later - he was then taken for an x-ray, and despite the operation to remove the spleen, blood transfusions etc, he was put to sleep a few hours later.

We did submit a complaint, first to the vet and then to the RCVS. But, our case was closed without further action because the treatment Ted received was deemed to be what was 'expected of a veterinary surgeon'.

We were understandably upset and angry, the x-ray he should have had on admission would have shown that there was an issue that could have been treated before the situation became critical

A quick scan of the internet revealed many stories similar to ours which was when we had the idea of a veterinary review website - an independent platform where pet owners could review and rate vets - highlight the great vets and alert pet owners to those who were repeatedly below standard.

Fast forward a few years and, not only do we have a couple of awards under our belt, but we have also expanded our directory to include dog walkers, home boarders, trainers, pet boutiques, groomers, holidays destinations, days out and many more

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