Pet Horoscopes April

Monthly Horoscopes for Pets April

For a bit of fun, we asked leading UK astrologer Russell Grant to tell us what the planets have in store for our pets this month...




ARIES March 21st - April 20th

Among certain observers, you may have gained a reputation for being contrary or uncooperative, but it's not due to any lack of ability on your part; it's a matter of priorities. You know what you're interested in and will devote yourself with the greatest intensity to those causes or tasks that are high on your list. When faced with emergency situations, you're likely to be a first responder, such is your fearlessness! Seeing you enter into activities that have other pet's knees knocking should quiet your critics! 


TAURUS April 21st - May 21st

After beginning the month with a few stressful days you'll segue into a much more comfortable zone. Hiding under the bed or in a cupboard can keep you away from the thick of things during the tense period, but rest assured the cranky individual who is the source of the upset will shortly run out of steam and you'll be able to safely show yourself again. In fact the moment comes when the sight of you actually calms the mood of the one who was disgruntled!



GEMINI May 22nd - June 21st

Oh dear, your split personality is in evidence as you realise you're a bit disgruntled over being no longer in the Gemini time of year. Have care and direct your impulses toward something positive, like picking up after people who leave things scattered about. All will be well if your housemate takes the time to engage you in some lively physical play. The sweet thing is how lovingly your people dote on you, no matter what zodiac cycle is in vogue at any moment

CANCER June 22nd - July 23rd

As much as you're wired to make a stand for self-reliance and independence, you do experience periods of loneliness from time to time. You're not one to complain at the idea of anyone you live with going off for a well-deserved vacation, but, if the truth be told, you'd like to go along. Not to worry; if for some reason your friend can't take you along, they surely won't leave you without pleasant caretakers to keep you company and see to your needs.


LEO July 24th - August 23rd

Pause for just a moment and think back; it seems you've forgotten some lessons or behaviours you were taught in the past and your people are starting to get upset with you. This can be a frustrating experience for both of you, as it's not your intention to be contrary, you just don't remember the rules. If it's helpful for you to go to school to be retrained, do so cheerfully; it's possible as you go through this process you'll gain some new friends!

libraVIRGO August 24th - September 23rd

You start the month with both the moon and Mars in your sign bringing emotional and physical issues together. As you feel, so will you be. In other words, your emotions dictate your well being. If you allow yourself to be cranky and crabby, you'll surely have a headache or worse. If you take an easy attitude to life's unfolding, you'll feel relaxed and pain-free.


libra1LIBRA September 24th - October 23rd

Though you have a good many opportunities for taking naps throughout the month, you'll be on your feet and eager to be of help, even if there's nothing in particular that needs doing at the moment! Why not take a few days to just relax and enjoy the quiet that's descended on your household in the wake of a month of hard work. With the furniture all polished and everything in its place you and your housemate can take pleasure in familiar daily routines and each other's company.

scorpio1SCORPIO October 24th - November 22nd

If you're looking for something to sink your teeth into make sure it's not a sparking electrical wire; better yet, devote yourself to helping your housemate so you'll be much too busy to think about biting anything! Decidedly as you and your companion involve yourselves with domestic chores, at least some of them will be taking place in the kitchen, and you'll have the delightful task of licking up tomato and spaghetti spills or the overflow of just baked fruit cobbler. Now isn't that a happy thought!



SAGITTARIUS November 23rd - December 21st

Casting a wish on a star either on your own behalf or to attract something good for you human companions is a sweet activity. You're now in a season where many wishes do come true, so put your vast spiritual abilities to use to bring happy outcomes for all your favourite people and pets. At the middle of the month you'll be in a particularly dreamy mood and will easily conjure up gentle visions to envelop those you love. Send your wish to the moon!


CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 20th

While other of your friends are busily on the move, you're happily content to sit quietly listening to music or watching the neighbours from a window perch. The core of the matter is that high activity currently holds little interest for you, but finding the perfect spot on your friend's lap or at their feet pleases both you and them. Such warm relationships are necessary for your well being, so you thrive on getting as close to those you care for as you possibly can.





AQUARIUS January 21st - February 19th

No need to demand anything now, just walk into a room and you'll be given just what you hoped for! Your people already know just what you prefer to eat; whether they can find these things at local shops or must order them from a distance, no matter; your favourite dishes will be placed before you. The one you live with knows your cravings and, even if at times these are not the healthiest choices, they're happy to supply them once in a while as a treat!



PISCES February 20th - March 20th

Gathering news comes naturally to you; if you're not picking up gossip from a neighbour, you're watching the television or listening into humans chatting on the phone. Of course, the latter is less than satisfying because you can only hear one half of what's being said, but it's enough to tickle your imagination. When it comes to sharing what you've heard you're not inclined to be selective about who you tell, but you might reconsider that mode of being now.

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