Pet Horoscopes: September

Monthly Pet Horoscope September

Leading UK astrologer Russell Grant tells us what the stars have in store for our pets this month...


Aries1ARIES March 21st - April 20th

Friendly overtures come from many directions. People find you beautiful and interesting. You wear it well and soak up the adulation of any admirer. Someone who finds you delightful presents you with something to wear that they consider adorable. Even if you don't like it, go along with it. It's temporary. 



TAURUS April 21st - May 21st

How can anyone improve their mind while busily working on household tasks? With educational tapes playing in the background you and your two-legged pal are able to absorb much as you go about taking care of routine chores. Learning a foreign language is one thing that can be done this way. It would be a suitable joint project if you and your companion teamed up now to further yourselves! Isn't it worth putting as much effort into this as you do into the upkeep of your home?



GEMINI May 22nd - June 21st

Staying out of trouble is easier said than done, especially for someone as curious as you are. How you love to poke your nose into dark corners, even at the risk of coming out with your nose clogged with cobwebs, or even worse, with a few active creators of those silky threads! Not to worry, though, this adventure of yours may be a signal to your human companion that a serious household cleaning and scrubbing is called for!

CANCER June 22nd - July 23rd

Unfortunately, this month's visitors aren't giving out any special treats, so you'll likely think their snack choices are lacklustre. It's clear to your regular housemates you're less than enthusiastic about what's being put before you, but at the very least they'll expect you to be polite. This isn't easy, but if you remember what a Libra friend once did in a similar situation, you'll have a good example to follow. Distraction is also a clever ploy; divert attention away from food and onto your acrobatic abilities.


LEO July 24th - August 23rd

Friends are the priority for the foreseeable future, making new ones and being attentive to those you already have! That first quest calls for a certain amount of imagination and planning, so once you observe everyone's schedule work to put yourself in the best place to capture the moment. Your fiery nature attracts the kind of response you hope for and you'll soon find yourself being fussed over and enjoying treats that tickle your taste buds.



VIRGO August 24th - September 23rd

You're always eager to help with whatever tasks your human companions have for you, but when the workload slows down, your mood may plummet accordingly. With people absent from home for longer intervals than usual, you're left to your own devices and could get into mischief just because you're looking for something to do. There's no need to push yourself when the situation calls for rest; ease off and occupy yourself with your toys.


libra1LIBRA September 24th - October 23rd

It's hard not to take it personally if you're put out of a gathering of human visitors, but it's not meant to hurt you. Possibly one or more of the guests has sensitivities that make it difficult for them to be in the presence of a furry creature such as yourself. Accept your dismissal knowing it's for the greater good and comfort of someone; before you know it you'll have full run of the house once again.



SCORPIO October 24th - November 22nd

How pleased you are when a cycle concludes on a productive note; you must be in pet Shangri-la currently. Collect any of your toys that are strewn about, make yourself available to help those near and dear. When you get the opportunity to go on an excursion with your companion, go for the purpose of being there to help tote small packages or just as a watchful chaperone. Your people need you, and who but you gets and gives so much happiness?



SAGITTARIUS November 23rd - December 21st

What does a helpful pet do when an opening or crack or in the floor or wall occurs. This situation has the potential to upset your people because if it worsens wind or water may invade your living space. Once you alert them, those who are best equipped will scurry around in an effort to plug up the offending area. You'll likely find this whole episode quite interesting, but it's best if you stay out of the way while the repair work is being conducted.


CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 20th

Your social schedule is so full now, you'll wish there were more hours in the day so you could fit in even more fun! As much as you enjoy all the loving interactions you've experienced, you do need to stop to refresh yourself now and then. Though you don't realise it at the time, your energy does get spent, even in pleasant activities; a little time out gives you the chance to reflect on and savour each lovely exchange as you prepare for the next one.



AQUARIUS January 21st - February 19th

Your bad behaviour could drive a wedge between you and your owner. It's not that you want to create trouble; it's just that you can't think of any other way to draw attention to your problems. Fortunately, your human friend will get the message soon, when the two of you are able to spend quality time together. The best way for your companion to make you feel valued is to focus on your needs



PISCES February 20th - March 20th

Your companions are in the mood to redecorate. Normally this might make for an interesting adventure, but instead, it puts you on edge. The shifting of furniture and the general shake-up is upsetting. Whining or making a fuss won't help, as they're determined, so it's best to sit back and mellow out until they're finished. Remind yourself it's only temporary.

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