Golden Oldie Competition!

It may have been a rainy and cloudy Monday morning outside, but inside the headquarters of Natural Instinct in Surrey, it was full of sunshine and happiness!!
The reason?
A group of people passionate about dogs joined together to meet Buster, a rather gorgeous German Shepherd and winner of the Golden Oldie's Rescue Competition held by The Good Vet & Pet Guide and Superstar Pets!
Join us today for our very first TWILIGHT BARK UK - The Extra Bark column, and let us introduce you to the winner and give you the inside scoop on the amazing prizegiving ceremony!! 



We think you'll all agree, Buster is stunning!! Sadly at around 8 years of age, it has taken Buster a while to finally experience true love from a family.

The incredible charity, German Shepherd Rescue Elite, who rescue and rehome dogs across the UK, helped rescue Buster from simply awful conditions.

Buster doesn't flinch when it starts to rain as it's something he had to endure for many years having often been tethered outside.


Just one of the emotional scars Buster carries with him. Like so many rescue dogs, particularly older dogs, Buster was in kennels for over a year and often overlooked, until one day when he was fostered to give him a little break from kennel life. The fosterer created Buster's very own blog to help find an alternative way of engaging with potential owners and showcase why he is such a great dog!

Guess what?? It worked! The power of a blog!! Buster now has a wonderful family where it is safe to say he is absolutely adored! The feeling is more than mutual as he barely took his eyes off his 'mum and dad' while we were with him, other than when he was posing like a natural for all the cameras!



While Buster the guest of honour was getting settled into his new celebrity status (!!) the rest of us (such as Woof Woof NetworkK9 Solutions, Doddle For Dogs, Broadreach Nature + and author Kate Bendix) were all treated to some great speeches from none other than The Good Vet & Pet Guide and the lovely Michelle Machin-Jefferies from Natural Instinct.

One speech which particularly stood out though was by TV's very own Marc the Vet, who delivered a thought-provoking talk about rescue dogs in the UK. Puppy farming; the role of charities; politics; it was all discussed and debated, but one of the points focused on the practical ways each of us dog lovers (including you reading this!!) can help change the plight of thousands of dogs who are still searching for a home of their own, just like Buster once was. 


The key?? It's simple. Write to your MP to ensure more dog issues are given the time they deserve in Parliament and also SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!! Help all the incredible charities out there by sharing the stories of dogs looking for a home across your social media. It takes a few seconds to do and as we've seen with Buster's story, social media can help make all the difference to a dog finding a new home.

It can be your good deed of the day! It's certainly something we do regularly and having just launched our #SundayDogStories every fortnight over on our blog, which focuses on the stories of several dogs really in need of a home, it's something we plan to do more of.

Let us know if and how you help spread the word about dogs in need too and whether any dogs have been rehomed from you sharing their story! We'd love to know!


Once the speeches were over, a few glasses of champagne had been finished and cakes (and dog treats!) devoured, Buster was shown just some of his wonderful prizes. He looked particularly keen on his neckerchief from Bib & Tucker (so dapper!) and looked very at home sprawled out across the two dog beds from (he couldn't choose between them!)

We think he'll have lots of fun trying all the great collars and leads, delicious treats and all the other wonderful £4,000 worth of prizes which were kindly donated for the competition. 

Image 2


It's safe to say the day was a great success and seeing how happy Buster is was a joy to see. A fantastic winner!! Not only did Buster win many prizes but his win also secured some well deserved prizes for German Shepherd Rescue Elite, who also came along for the day and were joined by beautiful GSD Sophie. Do take a second to check out their website and see the amazing work they do which you can do HERE.


A big Thank You goes to Natural Instinct for hosting such a great event and to all those who joined in the celebrations. Well done again to the wonderful winner Buster! We hope you enjoy your incredible prizes!! In the meantime just remember how we can all help dogs like Buster (particularly older dogs which are so often overlooked) by sharing their stories across social media. Share, share, share! 

Thanks for reading our first column. Be sure to come back for some more soon!

Sarah (& Ted!)




Images courtesy of Rural Pictures Multimedia