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Vetz Petz | Antinol® Joint Care
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 5 stars


Prevention is better than cure 

I started both my dogs, cockapoo (10) and terrier cross (8) on Antinol because it contains PCSO-524 - to safeguard them as prevention is better than cure. I want to keep their joints as mobile as possible as they get older. My terrier cross is 8 and already had problems with his luxating patella.

He hasn't limped ever since we have started him on Antinol. Being proactive about making sure their joints stay healthy gives me peace of mind.



Antinol experience

I have noticed many differences in my dog since starting Antinol.

Her fur is incredibly soft. And she gets around much quicker and smoother than she did before.

She also doesn’t have loud farts anymore which is lovely.

My dog enjoys taking her capsules and always waits to see if she gets another too. I would definitely recommend trying your dogs on Antinol



Antinol Dogs put a new lease of life into Reggie!

Taking part in the 30 day trial for Antinol has been a great experience for our dog Reggie!

I love how the ingredients are all natural, they are a good size to disguise when giving to dogs and I have seen so many improvements already.

Reggie isn’t an unfit dog and likes walks, but never really tends to run around too much! But after 3 weeks of Antinol we really noticed a difference in his mobility and willingness to sprint around more.

I think it’s a great thing to have a dog ‘vitamin’ type product that will prolong mobility for the future, not just for mobility problems.


Antinol Dogs put a new lease of life into Reggie!

Antinol Dogs put a new lease of life into Reggie!


Walter- Retired Greyhound

Before adopting a retired racing dog, I had concerns around joint health and whether years of racing will have had a negative effect on his mobility.

Since adopting Walter (Age 4) in November 2020 I decided to be proactive in ensuring that we were looking after his joint health.

I started him on Antinol in April 2021 and have seen a difference in his mobility.

From running around the garden more rapidly, to jumping on the sofa with ease, Walter now no longer 'groans' when he sits down or collapses his legs. Not to mention, he takes his capsules mixed into his food with no issues at all.



Very impressed

Very impressed as a cat mummy of two older cats eldest being 15 years I've noticed such a difference in her mobility just watching her being able to pounce without discomfort is great.

I have complete peace of mind knowing it's helping her joints at such an old age.



Makes such a difference to my dog's mobility

Over the 4 week period, I have noticed a distinct improvement in my 14-year-old dog's mobility, particularly in the morning. He is less stiff in his back legs and seems much happier in himself.

The tablets are small and initially, I did hide them in his food or within a small amount of peanut butter as he has never taken any meds for me in the past.

However, he does take these directly as if it is a treat and without testing myself I have to assume they smell and taste good.

I highly recommend Antinol to pet owners and feel that it is a worthwhile supplement to invest in.


Makes such a difference to my dog's mobility

Makes such a difference to my dog's mobility



Loved it!

Nemo is a 2-year-old Lab and Irish Setter mix so he’s a super active boy. He doesn’t currently suffer from any mobility issues but we wanted to try Antinol to give his joints that extra protection for the future.

We loved how this is a 100% natural product and the tablets were super small making it easy for Nemo to take inside some snacks or even on their own.

Great product. Totally recommend it!



Less Creaky Dog

My boxer dog is 4 & I’d noticed it was taking him longer to get up after a sleep. He’d also slowed down when playing fetch so we did the 30-day trial.

My dog is definitely getting up quicker now, and he’s keeping up with my other dog when playing fetch, so I believe Antinol has done what it promised.



Antinol journey

Really good product. My dog Nala has been using Antinol for 1 month now. Her fur is incredibly soft, she gets around much quicker and easier.

And she isn’t farting half as much as she was before starting on her capsules. Sue really enjoys taking them and always looks super cute to try and get another one every day.

We will be continuing to use Antinol


Vetz Petz | Antinol® Joint Care

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