Brookend Veterinary Practice - Witham, Essex

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62 Braintree Road , Witham, Essex , CM8 2BY, United Kingdom
01376 500038 / 01376 520568
Brookend Veterinary Practice - Witham, Essex

At Brookend we have been caring for the pets of Witham and the surrounding area since 1995. We love seeing all sorts of pets including over 1,500 dogs registered with the practice.

We do not want our feline friends to feel neglected. We realise a trip to the vets can be especially stressful for cats and we have done everything we can to make a visit to Brookend as enjoyable as possible for cats and their owners.

This includes

A separate waiting area for cats, away from the dogs

A ‘cat tree’ is a special shelving unit, allowing you to place your cat carrier higher up where they feel much safer. Cats find being on the ground in a carrier very stressful this

On Wednesday afternoon we have CAT ONLY CLINIC, so only cats (no dogs) will be in the public and consulting areas.

We have Feliway diffusers throughout the practice emitting calming cat pheromone smells

Cat ward- If your cat should need to stay with us they will be made comfortable in our cat only ward-a peaceful area well away from any dogs

Did you also know older cats are very likely to suffer from high blood pressure, just like us? This can lead to many other conditions and complications so it is important to diagnose and treat it.  Our nurses are now able to measure your cat’s blood pressure during a consultation.

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