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Vet - Hannah, absolutely lovely and we were really happy with her. Knowledgeable and helpful. I would say however , that on occasion it was a bit hard to get hold of her. I don't know if this was a receptionist issue or not, because if there is an urgent matter and the regular vet is not available, someone at reception should have the nouce to find another vet to deal with the matter! On some matters, it was v. hard to get information, and I think this area is sloppy - the receptionist team should not have let this happen, especially as the matter was urgent and this was communicated to the receptionist on several occasions.

Buildings - very nice and airy.

Reception staff - not so great. Like other users have mentioned, they do feel non-welcoming in general. Also, there are a huge number of them, yet they seem to be doing very little. I have asked them a number of times for help in getting hold of documentation, and its been a bit hit and miss (mostly miss). There were also quite a number of times where I felt I was chasing my tail, especially when I needed urgent vet advice and had to chase them for several days.

Finance team - I just want to groan - they have been really unhelpful - really, really difficult at times. As others have also mentioned, you do feel as an owner that they are very motivated to get their money out of you, but not to help facilitate this by sending the patient history, invoices and breakdowns to the insurance company. They seem very fixated on getting you as the owner to pay them an extra admin fee to do what should be part and parcel of their service. I was really disappointed with them in general and also as they specifically reneged on an agreement that I came to with their client care manager.

Client care manager - she is good at her job! Pleasant and tried genuinely to be helpful, but her other staff simply didn't stick to our agreement when she was away on annual leave. Also, no matter how much she wanted to help, the owning company have very restrictive policies.

Getting there - many narrow country lanes - I don't like doing the journey at all, but I've done it a number of times and I'm still alive and my car isn't trashed, so my advice is just take slowly when there's limited vision. I've seen giant trucks go down these lanes - thankfully we just missed being on the other side of the road, because I can't begin to imagine how we would have got past in some of the single lane bits.

My cat was treated well though, and ultimately she appears to have recovered (fingers crossed) from what was v. serious and a couple of years ago, would have killed her, so I'm grateful that she got treatment, but I have been to a number of vets and had a much better experience.
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