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Suffolk Exotic Vet Services - Felixstowe

Suffolk Exotic Vet Services - Felixstowe

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Station Yard, Station Road, Felixstowe, Trimley St Mary, IP11 0UB, United Kingdom
01728 808 001
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Exotic pet means any bird, reptile, rabbit, rodent, ferret, hedgehog or amphibian – basically any small pet that isn’t a cat or dog.  For many years the owners of exotic pets in Suffolk who wanted the best care for their pets had to travel long distances to access it. Suffolk Exotic Vet Services was set up to fill that gap and provide high quality safe veterinary treatment for pets like yours.



Catherine Thomas has been appointed as the advisor for exotic animals on the Good Vet Guide


About Catherine

Catherine has been working with exotic and avian patients for 8 years but was frustrated by the limitations of the lack of time and equipment to deal with these patients in the way they deserved while working in normal small animal practice.  So in early 2014 she came up with a plan and set up Suffolk Exotic Vet Services. She bought all of the equipment that she had been longing for and completed extra training to be able to use the equipment proficiently. Then she started running exotic animal clinics in established practices across Suffolk.




Catherine has been treating the exotic pets of Suffolk for eight years but this all started long before that. Over twenty years ago she was first introduced to some more unusual pets by a primary school teacher, she became fascinated by them and begged her parents to let her have a pet snake. That was just the start, over the years many more species of birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals were added to the collection.

Her love of these animals combined with her thirst for science led to the realisation that there was only one career which could ever fulfil her dreams. Of course there were times when these unusual pets of hers needed Veterinary attention. The difficulties in finding a decent exotic animal vet and the limitations involved reinforced Catherine’s desire to be an exotic animal vet so that she could improve the situation for future generations of these pets and their owners.

Over the years Catherine has put many extra hours into learning about these creatures which are ignored or at best skimmed over on the Veterinary course. She has worked for and with some of the UK’s leading exotic animal specialists and has attended as many conferences as possible to keep up to date with the latest advancements in the field. This has been helped by being a member of the British Veterinary Zoological Society and the European Association of Avian Veterinarians.




Contact Details

Please call the appropriate practice in order to arrange an appointment.

If your exotic pet is ill on another day of the week or outside of usual practice hours please call one of the above practices. They will be able to contact Catherine.

Catherine does provide an out-of-hours emergency service whenever possible because exotic pets can often become unwell at inconvenient times of day.

If you have a non-urgent question the best way to reach Catherine is


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George: Amazon parrot

I have taken on a 27 year old Amazon called George, his previous owner being elderly could no longer look after him and he rarely left his cage and his diet it seems was not the best. I booked George in to see Catherine for a health check which was one of the most comprehensive I have experienced (I have previously owned an Amazon and found problems finding a good vet locally) Catherine was caring listened to my concerns and her recommendations made sound sense. I have now purchased items/medication Catherine advised so will see how it goes. I think George and I will have plenty of work to do. I really can't recommend Suffolk exotic vet services enough I just know George is in good hands now.

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Popeye ..African Grey Parrot

Popeye needs to have his beak trimmed regularly and this was his first visit to Catherine. Plenty of helpful advice, he is now enjoying Harrisons` parrot mix and his new UV lamp as recommended!
Excellent aftercare, Catherine called me personally with blood test results; useful to keep on record as a baseline of Popeye`s health.
I only recently discovered that there Catherine held an exotic pet clinic in Felixstowe, would very much recommend.

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Canary Chick

Excellent advice and care from Catherine when our 3 day old Canary chick had some nesting material tightly wrapped around its foot

Unfortunately it lost the foot but the treatment and help she provided has meant that now, at 1 month old, the chick is doing really great, flying around the cage and happily using it's good foot to grip and its other leg to steady itself as needed

Thanks Catherine, your out of hours help over Xmas when this first started was really appreciated

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