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Wetnose Animal Aid Charity

Wetnose - Raising Funds For Animal Rescue

The people working in animal rescue and rehoming centres are often our forgotten heroes.  We all should do more to help - that includes children, schools, local companies and local suppliers.

Wetnose Animal Aid raises money for ALL animals who require shelter or care - not just domestic pets 

All applications are considered extremely carefully and the team will often visit centres, funds are given out by buying equipment such as incubators, cages, heat pads, cattle feeders, rugs, items which are always needed and much appreciated, or by buying animal feed or pay a vets bill.

So please support the cause that cares, helping one paw, hoof, claw at a time.



Mission Statement

Our mission is to make a positive difference by helping vulnerable animals and reduce their suffering through raising funds to support those who provide for their care and welfare in rescue.



• To raise funds through sponsorship, donations, events and social media

• To raise awareness and effect change for all vulnerable animals in the UK and abroad

• To distribute funds to support lesser known rescue centres and individuals who rescue and provide care for vulnerable animals

• To distribute funds to support lesser known rescue centres and individuals who rescue and provide care for vulnerable animals


Who are we?:

• A small, not-for-profit organisation staffed entirely by dedicated volunteers

• We receive no government or other funding; our work is actioned purely through donations and support from the public


How you can help?:

• Donate to Wetnose Animal Aid through gifts or items for our shop in Beccles, Suffolk

• Fundraise by arranging a sponsored event

• Purchasing Wetnose Animal Aid promotional items from their online shop (Redbubble), our Wetnose noses and wristbands or sponsor an animal
Promoting Wetnose Animal Aid and our work.


WETNOSE ANIMAL AID was set up in the year 2000, with a group of volunteers as a non-profit Ltd Company and trademark 3124133 by Andrea & Gavin Gamby-Boulger who has worked with horses and ran a boarding/dog rescue Centre for 13 years in Norfolk; they sold their kennels to set up Wetnose Animal Aid to help other Rescue Centres who need more support. 





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