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Gentle Cold Pressed Dog Food - Devon
Pet Food and Treats

Gentle Cold Pressed Dog Food - Devon

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Elite Dogs Limited , Ashwater, Devon, EX21 5DD, united-kingdom

Phone: 01409 251063

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Gentle By Name... Gentle By Nature...

Great for Feeding Alongside a Raw Diet

Gentle believe that your dog deserves food that’s as close to their natural diet as possible.




The concept behind Gentle is simple. All of their food provides the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals – high-meat content with a healthy combination of brown rice, vegetables, herbs, cold-pressed oils, green lipped mussel and other vital substances.

It delivers all the valuable nutrients and energy your dog needs – without adding unnecessary bulking agents.



Naturally Gentle

✔️  Free from gluten

✔️  Free from artificial flavourings

✔️  Free from artificial colouring

✔️  Free from preservatives

✔️  Free from animal experimentation

✔️  Free from GM products


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Feeding your dog the Gentle Way

Cold pressing is a fantastic way of preserving the nutritional integrity of all the ingredients Gentle put in your dog’s food. 

They take great quality ingredients and gently mix them together with acold pressed oils, herbs and vegetables. This is then pressed together for 1 second at a very low temperature.

The result?

A nugget full of gentle goodness that’s ready to eat.

Find out more here

Gentle nugget


By creating a happier digestive system, eating naturally can also help to solve classic doggy issues such as:

• Dull coat
• Dietary intolerances
• Lack of appetite
• Loose stools
• Wind or bloat
• Smelly odour
• Restless behaviour

If your pooch is experiencing any of the symptoms listed above - give Gentle a try!


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 Gentle Original

Available in 5kg & 15kg Bags

Gentle retains more natural key nutrients and enzymes than extruded food! Gentle breaks down much quicker in the dog’s stomach allowing them to access all of the goodness this food has to offer.

Made from mainly Chicken, Rice, Duck and Herring this product has one of the highest meat contents of any cold pressed foods on the market in the UK. With lower feeding guidelines than many other foods on top of being GM, chemical additive and preservative free Gentle dog food has most of the benefits of a natural diet but in a dry food form.

  View Ingredients & Nutritional Information  

gentle original transparent


Gentle Small Bites

With ALL of the benefits of the Gentle Original variety just tailored for all the smaller breeds. Gentle have managed to pack all the same ingredients and nutritional goodness into a much smaller kibble. Whether you have a Leonberger or a Chihuahua you can now feed a gentle cold pressed diet no matter what their size.

Small Bites can also be used as perfect training treats.

  View Ingredients & Nutritional Information  



Gentle Fish

Designed for very sensitive stomachs or just those who feel like a change. Gentle Fish is a cold pressed dog food which has a single source meat protein of white fish. It has NO hidden alternative fats or oils in this food, just low fat, and high protein white fish. The low temperature nutrient retaining press coupled with the hypoallergenic properties of this food result in an all-round natural dry food.

   View Ingredients & Nutritional Information    




To complement their dog foods Gentle have a growing number of products - from dental bones and water bowls through to supplements and toys.

large dog

Gentle Dental Bone

With a similar recipe to the Original Gentle dog food these dental bones are pressed even harder than the food to produce a tasty and nutritional bone. Not only do they clean your dog’s teeth they are also a handy meal in a bone! The small bone (47g) is half a day’s food for a 10KG dog and the large bone (118g) is half a day’s food for a 20KG dog.

gentle dental bones 1

See the full range here

Gentle cold pressed has a shelf life of 6 months and needs to be stored in cool and dry conditions.

Do not store in an airtight container.





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User reviews

2 reviews
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Product Quality
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Terrific dog food
Overall rating
Customer Service
Product Quality
Trying our first bag of Gentle with our very picky Large Munsterlander. He loves it and it appears to agree with him . I will be interested to see if how much he needs as he is extremely active
Great service from Gentle too!
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Overall rating
Customer Service
Product Quality
I thought I'd update you that my little Schnauzer has taken well to the fish flavour.
Within a day his toilets have hardened up so much. I'm really pleased. I have him on 100 grams a day. I may try going to 120 now that they are firm.
Thanks again.
I bought a 5kg bag from bubbles in Leigh.
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