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Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue
Charities & Rescues / Rehoming

Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue


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07748 641555 - Teresa (Founder)
Mobile Tel
Leanne Harrison 07498 568037 | Samantha Bone 07563 817560 | Nicky Tucker 07711 810850


United Kingdom

'Raising Frenchies from the Ashes, with TLC'

Good Vet and Pet Guide Charity of The Year 2018


Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue has been established with the aim of re-homing French Bulldogs / French bull dog mix, promoting good ownership and educating the public on how to look after these amazingly affectionate and playful little dogs.  

They also work towards keeping Frenchies at home with their families wherever possible.  They will never turn away a dog in genuine need unless there are extremely exceptional circumstances.


 Registered Charity No. 1171943 - Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue


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Taking on a rescue dog, whether it be to foster or adopt is not something you should rush into, the information below will help you make the right decision.

Make sure that the whole household has a read then you can discuss any points or concerns this document may highlight.

Click on the image below for more information


 rescue dog 2 


Benefits or Fostering or Adopting a Rescue Dog

There can be a multitude of reasons as to why a dog suddenly finds himself in rescue and many people believe that if a dog is in rescue he must have something wrong with him.

This is simply not true of all rescue dogs as many are relinquished through ‘no fault of their own’ and are generally loving and gentle. Fostering or adopting a rescue dog may require more effort and patience from you as the carer; however, the love and gratification you will receive in return is immeasurable. You will be witness to an incredible transformation of the dog when brought into a loving home.

Rescue dogs come with their own amazing personalities which may just need a little help to shine through, and although they are French Bulldogs they still come in all different shapes and sizes. With an increase in ‘back-yard breeding’ and illegally imported puppies into the UK, opening your home to a rescue dog will decrease the need to supply.

As a fosterer there is a wonderful feeling of knowing you have helped and prepared that particular dog to become a successfully Adopted dog, enabling him to stay in his Forever Home – may be you will even become that Forever Home.

It is a wonderful feeling to know you have helped to change, or even saved a life.

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Guidelines & Application Form

Click on an image below for more information


fostering guidlines phoenix fostering application

adoption guidelines1 adoption application form


Volunteer for Phoenix

Phoenix FBR are currently looking for volunteers for road trains and home-visits, foster carers & 5 star homes for adoptions.

Contact Phoenix here

phoenix rescue


Fund Raising for Phoenix

Fundraising is a very important job – it helps pay for urgent vet treatments – food – and the care of all the dogs in their care before they are adopted.


easyfundraising logo transparent

Join easyfundraising and you can collect free donations for Phoenix every time you buy something online.

It won’t cost you a penny extra so it really is easy to raise funds.


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Weekly Phoenix Auction

The weekly facebook auction is their main source of funding for the ever growing vet bills, theyreally need & value your support.

Taking part is easy and fun. Head over to their auction page  Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue FB Auction and check out the items for sale.

When you see something that takes your fancy, place your bid in the comments. If you have the winning bid you will be notified at 8pm on Sunday evening via a direct message

Payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer 


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Latest News and Updates 

Click here to read the latest news from Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue

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